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Seattle Lock & Door  Seattle, WA 206-317-8082Did you know that lock picking is one of the most excellent ways to unlock a lock without leaving a hint of what’s been done? While it might not be as easy as it’s portrayed in the movies, an efficient criminal will be able to get through your lock within minutes. So, how efficient is the lock guarding your premises? Are you still behind the times and refuse to let go of the age-old system that’s been protecting your business establishment for years? If so, it’s time to take a step back and redefine your strategy.

When do you need it?

After a break-in:

lock change for commercial  purposes is a must after a break-in. It sets off the warning bells indicating a gaping flaw in your security set up. If you want to prevent a recurrence, an update is a must.

When locks are outdated:

Modern criminals have found newer ways to breach through a lock’s security. The older the lock is, the higher the chances of a break-in. Installing new-age locks is the best way to thwart any attempts at intrusion.

If you own a high volume business:

While the external threats are many, the internal threats also have to be taken care of. If you run a business that’s always abuzz with activity, then chances of keys being copied surreptitiously by employees cannot be ruled out. You might want to schedule routine lock change commercial  services to maintain the security level.

After an employee quits:

Even the best of work relationships can turn sour and once an employee is fired or quits, a retaliation break-in is possible. Getting the locks changed will restrict access into your property.

Who should you call?

A lock change for commercial  applications can only be carried out by a skilled professional with the proficiency to understand modern-day business requirements. Not just any random lock that’s been advertised heavily will work for your business. What you need are customized locking solutions that factor in the size of your business, the various entry points, the assets to be protected and more. Seattle Lock & Door is known for providing custom-made security solutions to business clients in Seattle, WA area.

What we do?

Once you call us in, we carefully conduct an audit of the premises and come up with suggestions to enhance the overall security. You can also receive an upfront cost of the entire procedure. After clients give us the green signal, we proceed with the installation. We also follow up with regular maintenance checks to ensure seamless operation, at all time.

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