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Seattle Lock & Door  Seattle, WA 206-317-8082Sometimes, life plays the worst kind of games with us. There are times when we wish things would have turned out differently, but fate has other plans for us. While there’s not much you can do about it, there are a few situations that you can redeem yourself from, quickly. Have you ever found yourself locked out of your home? All you’d have done is step out of the home to grab the morning newspaper and ended up locking yourself out inadvertently. All your plans of a long, relaxing weekend seem thrashed at that moment.

Why fret, when you can take stock of the situation and regain access? No, we aren’t implying that you break-in into your own home, nor are we suggesting that you wait it out for hours before help arrives. Think proactively and keep the number of someone, who can help you in a residential lockout , handy.

Who should I call?

Your neighbor will be of the least help to you and so will the technician from the local hardware shop. The latter would help you gain access but not without slapping you with huge bills for repairs on the damages done during the unlocking process. Also, there’s no telling when the technician will get there to provide the necessary assistance. Your best bet is a locksmith in Seattle, WA who knows his/her way around locks and helps you regain access in the quickest possible time.

Finding a residential lockout expert:

The locksmith you hire for the job must be:


You can’t pin your hopes on a random locksmith. The stakes are high, and with every passing minute, your frustration will only mount. Choose someone who’ll not bail out on you at the last moment.

Available 24/7:

Residential lockouts  during an odd-hour cannot be ruled out entirely and that’s why you need the assistance of a locksmithing agency that works 24/7.


There’s a world of difference between talent and ineptitude. Drilling a lock open and wrecking it in the process portrays the technician’s ineptitude, whereas adopting a non-destructive approach is a sheer display of talent. Hiring someone skilled is a must.


There are one too many locksmiths who can resolve a residential lockout,  but you need to beware of those who exploit customers during such circumstances. Ask for an upfront price to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

There’s one place for it all – Seattle Lock & Door! You can count on us to provide reliable, affordable and most efficient solutions to your residential lockout.  Reach out to us today!